1. Name of organisation

The Shipley Bantams Supporters and Travel Club

2. Aims

It is the intention of our club to promote positive support for Bradford City Football Club and support for other fund raising groups by donations sanctioned by the committee and members

3. Members

Who can be a member?

Anyone who wishes to join the organisation and supports the aims of the group

Their details will be kept on a membership list, that list will be a confidential document held by committee members only

Will there be a membership fee?

There will be a single membership and a family membership

The family membership will consist of up to four people from the same family

A charge will be made for membership and will be determined by a majority vote at any Annual General Meeting

The membership fee will last for 12 month from 1st June till May 31st

This can be paid in cash, cheque or bank transfer


How can people join?

By email stating their name, address, contact details and date of birth

By filling in a membership form

Ceasing to be a member

When a member fails to renew their membership they shall no longer be a member of the club

When the committee members deem a members behaviour to be detrimental to the aims of the club


4. Equal opportunities

The club welcome all members regardless of their age, sex, race, colour, sexual orientation or disability

Any special requests regarding requirements for travel must be made to the travel club chairman before each trip (eg wheelchairs and other aids required by passengers)

5. Committee and officers

The committee

The committee will consist of an elected member to the following office:

Travel Club Chairman - duties to arrange and run coach travel

Social Club Chairman - duties to arrange fund raising functions

Secretary and Treasurer - duties to keep financial records and general matters

Each committee member will be elected at the clubs Annual General Meeting

The committee may also invite other people to serve on the committee (known as co-opting) they will be members of the club


6. Annual General Meeting

An Annual General Meeting will be held every year between the start of July and the end of September

The meeting will have reports on the activities of the previous year

Discuss plans for the coming year

The meeting will also elect the committee and make changes to the constitution


The members will be notified of the date, time and venue of the AGM at least 3 weeks in advance

Members will hold one vote at the AGM

Nominations for the committee can be made in advance or taken on the day of the meeting

The quorum of the AGM shall be 10% of fully paid up members.


Committee meetings will consist of the elected committee members only

These meetings will take place when matters arise that need discussion.


Special General Meetings

Any member can request a Special General Meeting where important matters need to be put before the whole membership, such as an amendment to the constitution, they can usually be called by the committee or requested by members.

The members will be notified of the date, time and venue of the SGM at least 2 weeks in advance

Members will hold one vote at the SGM

The quorum shall be 20 members

7. Rules of procedure

How do the committee make decisions

By consensus after discussing an idea and try to find a solution that is satisfactory to everybody present

By a show of hands on matters discussed at any AGM or SGM


How a meeting will run

The chairman of the meeting will state:

Raise a hand to speak

Do not interrupt someone speaking

All voting will be by show of hands

Only matters relevant to the agenda will be discussed

The chairman of the meeting shall have a casting vote if there are an equal number of votes cast on each side, the chair shall have an additional vote

Timing of meetings

No meeting shall last more that 90 minutes

8. Finances

How we look after finances

All monies collected shall be paid into our bank account at regular intervals

A record of all monies collected and paid out shall be kept by the treasurer

Any cheque shall require the signature of any two committee members, one of which must be the treasurer

The treasurer must present records of the finances when required by any member

An annual statement of accounts shall be presented to the Annual General Meeting

All monies raised by the club will be spent solely on the objects laid out in the constitution


9. Changes to the Constitution

How we make changes?

Any change to the constitution shall be at an AGM

Any proposed change in the constitution should be notified to the membership 3 weeks prior to the meeting

Any change to the constitution should be by a 2/3rd majority


10. Dissolution

How the club will close down

If a meeting, by simple majority, decides that it is necessary to close down the group it may call a Special General Meeting to do so, the sole business of this meeting will be to dissolve the group.

The members will be notified of the date, time and venue of the SGM at least 2 weeks in advance

If it is agreed to dissolve the group all remaining money and other assets, once outstanding debts have been paid will be donated to selected local charitable organisations

The organisations to be agreed at the meeting which agrees the dissolution









Bradford City Disability FC

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